Blackwatch Investigation & Mitigation


Sex Abuse Investigations

Over the last decade we have seen an explosive increase in the number of child sex abuse and exploitation cases. These are often difficult cases as they initially appear to be a classic example of the “he-said she-said” case. Often the State will move forward with little evidence other than the mere accusation of a crime. This can make defending these cases difficult. We pick up where the police investigation left off.

At Blackwatch Investigation, we bring an investigative approach to your case that provides you with a strong defense going into trial. We understand that there is more than just the allegation of a crime. there is other evidence yet discovered that often leads to an alternative theory for the case and provides the answer to the critical question: “Why would a child make up a story like that?” We know that there are more witnesses, more evidence and more circumstances than what is in the police reports. For example, we attempt to interview friends and family of the accuser early on in the investigation to establish if there are other problems within the home, if differing stories have been told, or if there is a pattern of false allegations being made. We look for anyone who has had a prior experience with the accuser and determine if it will lead to exculpatory information. So called “physical findings of abuse” can often be linked to other sexual or deviant activity discovered during our investigation. These and many more investigative techniques are what set Blackwatch Investigation apart from the others.


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