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Cell Mapping


Our cell phones are constantly communicating with the cell phone towers that surround us at our jobs, homes, and communities.  Every time our phones create a communication event, data is stored with the service provider.  This data includes the details of the call, such as the calling parties, duration of the event, and the cell tower location data.  Over the past 15 years, I have used this historical data to confirm one’s location during a specific time frame.  In law enforcement, this information is used to connect your client to a specific crime or location, as a private defense investigator, this information is used to exonerate your client by helping to establish or confirm a timeline alibi, and in some cases, verify the location of an eye-witness. 

Recently, Blackwatch Investigation began utilizing special software that was once only available to Law Enforcement Agencies.  CellHawk is a proprietary software used by Law Enforcement all over the country to turn tower location data and other call related data, found in those hard to read Call Detail Records, into readable and understandable maps of your client’s whereabouts during a given time.  At Blackwatch, we now take that same data and examine it with the CellHawk software through which we can provide you with accurate location data illustrated on high quality visual maps and diagrams.  This advanced technology can be used to illustrate possible alternative routes, comparison of locations between multiple cell users, and tower location in comparison of the incident and terrain.  These high-quality maps and diagrams can be used as exhibits that a jury will be able to easily understand and follow along with during expert testimony.  Last but not least, this is an approved expert service by the AOC. 

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