Blackwatch Investigation & Mitigation


Need for Native Spanish Speaker


Having a client that speaks a foreign language can be difficult to handle, even for those of us who are multi-lingual. Most attorneys would agree that having a reliable interpreter is of the utmost importance, but even then, crucial information is lost in translation. Spanish is officially spoken in 21 different countries and each has their own slang, culture, words, and mannerisms that a literal interpretation or translation cannot pick up on unless you are looking for them. This can cause mistranslations for even native speakers if they are unfamiliar with the phrases of a particular country. One example is the word baleada, in Mexico that word can mean “gunned down,” whereas in Honduras a baleada is a popular culinary dish. An interpreter who is unaware of these differences can cause confusion and change a witness’s testimony radically.

As a licensed private investigator who understands the nuances in the Spanish language, our expertise allows us to have a more open and honest dialogue when interacting with the Hispanic community.  Picking up on the nuances allows us to ask the right questions and, just as important, the right follow-up questions. More often than not, the police translators/interpreters are not aware of these nuances and crucial information is not brought to light. We have the tools to shine a light on this hidden information.

john pannell