Blackwatch Investigation & Mitigation


Knocking On Doors

It’s summer!  Long, hot days mean water parks and ice cream.  For an investigator, its’ the best time to find people.  Summer brings people outside sitting on the porch, mowing the grass or hanging at the corner store.  A good investigator wants to get out in the neighborhood and talk face- to- face with possible witnesses.  You can learn a lot about a person in their posture, facial expression and glances.  An investigator that goes to chat can determine whether the witness is being deceptive or just interested in keeping themselves out of trouble.  Phone interviewing is quick and easy but does not provide you accurate information.  A good investigator will want the “lay of the land” and observe the dynamics of the neighborhood so they can give the attorney the rest of the story.  Harry Bosch and I keep a sign hanging at our desk that reads, “Get off your Ass and go Knock on Door.”  People who know something don’t come forward and volunteer information.  You have to go find them.  If your investigator is calling people already listed in discovery, re-packaging the documents provided by the State or using Google maps to identify the crime scene, you need to demand more.  An attorney needs the client’s case investigate not just the State’s case confirmed.

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john pannell