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Did you know…

are required to maintain CLE credits?

When hiring an expert to investigate your crime scene, fingerprint, ballistics or cell phone tower, the attorney asks for the CV and/or affidavit to include in their motion for funding.  But do you read the credentials?  An investigator must be licensed with the state but must also be affiliated with a licensed investigative company.  Any expert providing specific services should have a current and active CV.  Certifications with the latest technology or software shouldn’t be 10 years old but prominent with todays standards.  Much of the science and technology is changing and updating daily.  Your expert should be presently involved in those industries can provide the latest information.  The same is true for an investigator.  Did you know we, like attorneys, are required to maintain CLE credits?  At Blackwatch Investigations, we are constantly taking advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities that TACDL provides throughout the year.  Our investigators want to stay current on the changing laws, case precedents, investigative questioning tools, discovery rules and cell tower and phone technology in order to make us the best in the industry.  This desire to know more and stay current, also develops create expert witnesses for the defense.   Check out all our investigator’s credentials and latest training attended at our website or Facebook page. 

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