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Founded by a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, Blackwatch understands your needs at trial. Let us help investigate, evaluate, and prepare your case to help you zealously defend your client.


The Black Watch is a three-century old Scottish infantry regiment that still exists today. They are well known for their loyalty and for bringing justice to their fellow countrymen. We strive to match this mission for loyalty and justice in everything we do to live up to our namesake.

We are established in Memphis by lawyers and for lawyers, Blackwatch Investigation understands the art of total trial preparation. With the only certified criminal trial expert on staff to provide litigation and mitigation consulting, we understand exactly your needs for trial.

In addition, Blackwatch Investigation provides private investigation services in the Memphis Area. 

Lead Investigators


LeAnna graduated from Mississippi School of Law in 2001.  She has assisted the Ferguson Law Firm as their investigator since 2005.  She helped establish Blackwatch Investigations in 2012.  She has investigated and assisted defense attorneys in criminal trial matters throughout Tennessee.  LeAnna is certified in the Reid Technique. She also received her certification in Cell Phone Record Analysis from the McAfee Institute. As an investigator LeAnna believes it is her job to gather all of the truth not just one person’s version of it.


Myra graduated from the Shelby State Community College with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. She later graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Myra worked as a Duty Jailer inside the Shelby County jail for 10 years. Later she transferred to the Criminal Court Division. Myra believes every case should be fully investigated regardless of ethnicity, gender, age or financial standing.


Katie graduated from University of Memphis in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She has been assisting Blackwatch Investigations since June of 2018, which is where she began to believe that no case is the same, and every case should be completely investigated no matter how similar the case may appear to another.

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If you are needing investigative solution for your trial preparations, we have the services you need. Let our team of investigators do the work needed to succeed.

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