Blackwatch Investigation & Mitigation
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Criminal & Private Investigation Services

Blackwatch Investigation & Mitigation offers investigative work for criminal trials and private investigation (PI) matters. We offer pre-investigation, process serving, criminal investigation, and surveillance. We serve Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  


The Art of Strategy

Those who are victorious plan effectively and change decisively. They are like a great river that maintains its course but adjusts its flow... they have form but are formless.  They are skilled in both planning and adapting and need not fear the results of a thousand battles; for they win in advance, defeating those that have already lost.

                                                                                                                 - Sun Tzu 100 B.C.

What We Do

Cell Phone Extraction

It's rare to take a case that does not involove the use of a cell phone and other electronic devices. Blackwatch reconizes the growing trend with eDiscovery, and can provide you and your client with digital evidence recovery, preservation, and analysis. Blackwatch is one of the few companies that offer this investigative tool in the state of Tennessee. 


When you are being accused by but not formally charged with a criminal or civil case/crime, the best defense is an offense.  Gathering evidence and witnesses testimony before things get ugly can save you a lot of time and money later.  Let us be your eyes and ears by assisting in gathering all the information.  Whether currently represented by counsel or just needing some peace of mind, we will work with you and your attorney to provide all the facts so you can proceed with the best plan.  

Process Serving

Let us handle your service of important court documents or subpoenas while you stay focused on case preparation.  Tracking down individuals in the tri-state area (TN, Ark and MS) is what we do.  

Criminal Investigation and Mitigation

From jail visits, witness interviews to evidence gathering, we provide you with comprehensive and consolidated case material at your fingertips.   Summarized backgrounds, witness interviews, social media searches, and neighbor canvases.  We check the facts.  Creating timelines, maps or evaluate of cell phone data, we provide the attorney with everything he or she needs for success at negotiation and/or trial.  While theme and theory are important, all aspects must be investigated.  Winning requires a mastery of the facts and evidence; 

Mitigation, the second phase

A verdict of "guilty" does not end the trial. When winning isn't an option, the case is not lost.  Our investigators focus on winning all stages of the case, sentencing included. Investigation into your clients history, the client's family, social history and medical past are just some of the possible areas to search.

Surveillance Work

When you need to know more, our highly trained investigators in field ops provides material and reports on the movement of the individual in question.  Surveillance of a person, building or neighbor can provide need additional information that makes all the difference to your case.  We offer moving and non-moving survellience with individual attention or multiple car backup.

Jury Consulting

At Blackwatch, we believe that preparation is the key to success. With trial preparation, we help every
step of the way identify possible issues, conduct focus groups, and assist in coordinating your witnesses.
Immediately before (or sometimes during) voir dire, we provide real time information for jury selection
through background checks and social media probes which will provide you with a better understanding
of the jury’s potential bias. Backgrounds can include possible social economic status, voting history, and
more. During trial we can monitor jurors social media usage for potential deliberation violations or
improper communications. After the trial, we monitor juror’s opinions and can, upon request, perform
after-trial surveys and polling in preparation for post-trial practice.

"It's not the will to win that matters-everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."

- Paul "Bear" Bryant