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Case Results

Our results prove why with our help we can solve your criminal investigation, preparation and sentencing mitigation needs.

Wrongfully Accused

In October 2018, Blackwatch Investigation was appointed to a criminal case in Shelby County which involved the client being charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Robbery.  The client insisted that they were not in the state of Tennessee at the time the robberies took place.  Blackwatch forensic experts were able to retrieve data from the client’s cell phone which proved that they were in fact in a different state.  Blackwatch Investigators presented this new evidence to the prosecutors and the client was immediately released from custody after spending one and a half years in jail awaiting trial.

Child Reunited With Father

In July 2018, Blackwatch Investigation was hired to locate a mother and her two year child.  The mother had taken the toddler, from the father, in violation of a court order and fled the state of Kentucky to Tennessee.  The father obtained full legal custody of the child but didn’t know who to turn to for help recovering his daughter.  Blackwatch Investigators were able to locate the mother and child which resulted in the toddler being returned safely to her father.  Here’s what our client had to say:

TEN STARS!!!!!!!!!

I would highly recommend these guys for private investigation. I used two companies in Memphis before finding these guys, and spent a lot of money with very bad results. Not only did they respect my money they went above and beyond to get the results I was looking for. They came up with things I would have never even considered. My daughter was kidnapped from me and they helped me and the police locate her before she disappeared forever, and I can’t thank them enough. They tracked multiple people not only on social but with well times surveillance. Most companies will just take your money and sit somewhere for hours with no results. They made sure they did all the research before recommending surveillance which was huge In Helping solve my case. Glen was my detective, he communicated with me almost on a daily basis, giving me updates and to go over plans with me. I didn’t receive that service from two other companies in Memphis. Not even the police department to be honest. Not only were they proficient but I felt like they cared about reaching a resolution to my case. Which I can’t stress how important that was for me. There prices where more than fair. They respected my money as well. They didn’t just blow through it with no regard. They wanted to give me some results for every dime, which is great business, and from what I learned doesn’t always happen in this industry. I would recommend their services to anyone looking. Especially time sensitive or a very important situation like mine. I had a warrant and everything but if it wasn’t for them leading the police to my daughter I might have never seen her again. Thanks guys I wish I could give you ten stars!!!!!

Spanish Speaking Investigator

In October 2016, a defense attorney in Shelby County, Tennessee contacted our office to request our criminal investigative services in the defense of a client charged with rape.  The client was Hispanic and did not speak English. Our Spanish speaking investigator was able to interview the client and several witnesses from the Hispanic community.  The alleged victim in this case originally claimed that the assailant was a stranger. Our investigators found multiple witnesses to testify to the familiarity of the victim and defendant.  At the time of trial, our investigator was called for impeachment purposes after the victim’s testimony did not match our interviews with her. The jury only took a few hours to find the defendant Not Guilty.

Hung Jury

In June 2016, in Lauderdale County, we assisted in the investigation and trial of a defendant charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder. After a long and exhaustive investigation into all witnesses in Lauderdale County and corroborate the testimony of community gossip said after the incident, we were able to assist at trial and help present the state’s circumstantial case. Jury took several hours, but eventually stated that they could not render a verdict.  Hung Jury.

Improperly Handled Crime Scene

In May 2015, we were contacted by a defense attorney in Shelby County, Tennessee to assist with the investigation of his client that was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Our investigation led us to make contact and build a relationship with several witnesses that were there the night of the shooting. Additionally, we located an expert witness in crime reconstruction who affirmed what we had already found. The crime scene was improperly handled. The physical evidence did not match up with the state's eyewitnesses at the time. After an exhaustive week long trial, the jury handed down a verdict of Not Guilty on all counts.

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